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Spouse Visa


Spouse Visa

What Is A Spouse Visa?

The person who is British National or permanently settled person can bring his or her spouse in the UK under immigration rules.
It is important to pay IHS for all spouse visa applications. You do not need when you apply for ILR.
Spouse visa will be valid for 2.5 years once granted. After you have lived in the UK for 5 years with a spouse visa you can apply to become settled under an immigration category known as Indefinite Leave to Remain.

Spouse Visa Financial requirements

  • The married persons can apply for a spouse visa, however, with the new rules from 9th July 2012 the visa is granted for a probationary period of 2.5-year to test the relationship.
  • The Sponsor (British citizen or permanent resident) must earn over £18,600 or £22,400 (£18600+3800 first child) if you have a child (additional £2400 for each child) ideally have they been earning this for over 6 Months.
  • If you have Savings over £16,000 then that can be used as evidence of earnings. A visa is for 2.5 years the Home Office will divide any savings over £16,000 by 2.5. An example of this would be as follows:
  • You earn £17,000 and are short by £1600. You have £22,000 in savings. After subtracting the £16,000 there is £6000 left. When you divide this by 2.5 and you have £2400. This would then give you an income of £19,400 meaning you meet the financial requirement for a spouse visa.
  • You have sufficient funds to maintain your living need for you and your spouse or any dependent without recourse to the public funds
  • Once you have completed 5 years in the UK and you meet the requirements, you may then apply for Indefinite Leave to remain as a Permanent Resident.

English Language Requirement

You need to have approved the Secure English Language Test at level A2 or higher for an extension. If possible we advise taking a higher level test such as B1 as this will save you having to take a higher level test later when you want to settle in the UK. B1 from a regulated body is required for ILR and British Nationality.

The people who want to come to the UK on the basis of marriage to a British Citizen should apply for entry clearance before entering the UK. You can apply for entry clearance to nearest British Embassy or Visa post. Contact Immigration Inn for clarification if you are unsure where you need to apply.

If you are in the UK and having Visitor visa then you can expect to be refused unless some humanitarian grounds can be claimed under Article 8. Children under 18 can also apply for a visa as a dependent,

If you are a couple and lived together for at least 2 years then you can consider applying for an unmarried partner visa to migrate to the UK.


The UK Fiancé Visa allows another person to come to the UK for marriage purposes as long as they themselves have settled status as a permanent resident.
Immigration Inn advisers can assist you for a Fiancé Visa UK application

Good Points

Getting a fiancé visa does not require you to provide such long relationship evidence as such required in other family visas.

How Long Valid for?

Fiancé visas are issued for a period of six Months and only issued for the purpose of travelling to the UK in order to get married.
Once get married then can apply to live in the UK for longer than 6 months. If application accepted you will get 2.5 years visa then one extension for 2.5 years once you have completed 5 years in the UK then you can apply for ILR.

Age Criteria

  • Must be 18 or over
  • Settle status partner must be over 18.


To qualify for a UK fiancé visa, partners must fulfil the following requirements:

  • Plan to marry within six Months
  • Spouse visa financial requirement must be £18600 or over.
  • They have planned to live together in the UK permanently.
  • Have a place to reside for the applicant and any dependants to live until they are married without help from public funds.
  • Be able to support any dependants receiving help from public funds

if you are seeking professional advice about your status or which type of visa you require and information about documents for visa, please book appointment with one of experienced member of team.