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to settle in uk


to settle in  uk

British Citizenship

Become Naturalised in the UK

What Is British Citizenship?

Foreign nationals who have held permanent residence for at least one year through UK immigration process are entitled to British Citizenship enabling you to obtain UK passport. With British citizenship, you will be privileged to travel to many countries in the world without a visa such as Europe, USA, and Canada. You can extend the benefits of citizenship to your children as well.

Benefits of British Citizenship

British Citizens can get pleasure from and use the full range of UK services accessible without any restrictions that they may have had before. You may have heard the term naturalization used when talking about British citizenship. This means you become naturalized and a citizen of that land.

Routes to British Citizenship

5 Year Route to British Citizenship

If you had lived in the UK for 5 years and granted Indefinite Leave to remain for a minimum of 12 Months you may be eligible to apply for Citizenship. You have to fulfil Life in the UK test and English language as well to qualify for Nationality.

Other Routes to British Citizenship

There are multiple ways of getting British citizenship. Children born to British parents overseas can apply through a standard procedure. EEA nationals and their family member also can apply for British nationality after a certain period of time in the UK. The route to the citizenship caries for EEA migrants and their family so you should be aware of the first-hand knowledge before applying. Our Immigration firm will extend you all legal consultancy to assist you in the complete application process.

How Long Will My Application Take?

British citizenship applications can take between 2-6 Months. The application must be mailed to address given on application form or submitted via nationality checking services office.

Can I Apply 28 Days Early?

As a migrant, you could usually apply up to 28 Days in advance for visa and ILR applications. For British Citizenship you must wait until you have completed 12 full Months with your Indefinite Leave to Remain before submitting the application to avoid refusal or any inconvenience in your case.

What Are The Main Reasons For Refusal?

Reasons that could result in a refusal of your naturalization application are:

  • having a criminal conviction,
  • Failure to submit the required documents, fee or form
  • Spent too many days out from the UK
  • Not meeting the general requirements

Life in the UK test

You have to provide original Life in the UK test certificate with the application. If you lost the certificate you have to get a new certificate.

Life in the UK Test

The requirement for ILR and UK Nationality

The Life in the UK Test is required for ILR and Naturalisation.

This test must be taken at approved UK centres (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland).

This is valid for life once you apply for nationality they will keep the original certificate. If you lost this certificate then, unfortunately, you have to pass this test again to get the certificate.

English Language Certificate.

If you are not exempted from the KOL requirement, you must demonstrate a good knowledge of language and life in the UK before you apply for settlement. Most applicants will need to do this by:

  • Taking exam for Life in the UK
  • Need to pass English language test from authorised institutes by Home Office

English Language Test Requirement

You have to check do you have the correct level of English test certificate.

The Home office provided approved listed institutes where u can get English language certificate for ILR and Naturalisation.

English Language Test Requirement

If you are not from most English speaking countries then you have to take the English language test to satisfy the English language requirement for your visa. The test must be taken at the UK approved centres.

Here is a list of ways you can meet this English Test requirement.

A1: for entry clearance

A2: for spouse visa extension

B1 or above: for ILR and Nationality

  1. Pass an approved test at a minimum of level A1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) with an approved English Test Provider.
  2. Pass an approved test at a minimum of level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) with an approved English Test provider to get ILR or British Nationality.
  3. If you last entered in the UK or extended your stay on basis of B1 and now it is expired you do not need to provide it again.
  4. You are a citizen of a majority English speaking country
  5. Have an academic qualification recognized by UK NARICto be equivalent to the standard of a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree or PhD Researched or taught in English?

if you are seeking professional advice about your status or which type of visa you require and information about documents for visa, please book appointment with one of experienced member of team.